We create .Net 3.0 Windows Vista XAML WPF Avalon systems and sell the Platinum Customer Xperience Manager
We create a different sort of software, super-easy to use, intelligent, wizard based, fantastic looking - .Net Windows Vista XAML .Net 3 (image Created in Acrylic Expression)
You are not using the latest technology and it is hurting your career,


Some companies are not adventurous enough to use cutting edge technologies

until others have !

See the Windows Vista Technology Based Order Manager Demo.
Why work with us ?

We are all home workers, which means when everyone else is travelling for 2 hours a day
we are working in the comfort of our homes instead,
it also means that customers don't pay for over heads like expensive offices,
it works, our customers love us and our competition cannot compete
as they do have expensive offices.

We are interested in anyone with any interest in .Net 3/Vista technologies,
if they do WPF WCF WF or CardSpace
we are interested in them !!

Our main objective is to create simple to use software,
the type of software is totally driven by clients but it is all the very latest technology.

We want a fun and productive environment,
if its not fun to work then its time to do something else.

It is ofcourse paid work.

Contract only, we don't employee you as a full time employee.
Just on a contract by contract basis, if we get along and get the systems done on time
and budget, we continue working together in future.
If for some reason we don't get along and it doesn't work we don't
have to work together anymore!
Iinitially we are all learning .Net 3.0 and have been doing
some cut price systems for clients in order to increase the company CV/Resume
ie. We have been expanding the company and customers are getting great software
at a great price.
If you are interested in learning and creating Vista .Net 3.0 based software please get in touch
on the link below. 
Please also see the Technical Glossary
Can I have some more information on your Developer Practise and Process ?


We have no developers, well, 1 lead architect and the only real employee,
and so we hire as needed for project work, keeping costs to customers down.

Developers also work from home to keep the costs to a minimum
ie. no expensive office space.

Developers negotiate work as long or a short time as they wish, depending upon work, family, etc.

Our development approach is interactive, we demo weekly to customers so that we can't go in the wrong direction. (A weekly demo might be initially a simple screen shot or an increased-feature interactive-prototype like Microsoft CTP's are, but nothing that takes much time to put together and so does not impact the timescales)

Developers will work on re-usable components, not full systems, we try to talk to each other and build objects that are highly re-usable, this is so that two teams do not both spend a week developing the same thing !

Systems are put together in a Wizard fashion where possible, this means that the user of the system has a next -> and back <- button, this means it is super simple to use, we find this really works well, customers like it, they buy into our idea's, we keep them happy, we get more work via them.

We do a Developer bonus scheme, if the customer will work with us on it,
but if someone has worked outstandingly hard, they get a bonus anyway, because its fair.

Developers tell us how long it will take and a cost, our view is that "per hour" is why projects go on, over time, and over budget, as there is no incentive to work hard or long because you get paid whatever the outcome!!

So we do not do "per hour".

In other words for the flexibility in work environment, to a developer, we expect some stability in delivery and cost to the customer.

In 10+ years many companies will work this way, but the technology now enables us to do this "today", so we are doing it today !  
For information on learning WPF see Joseph Cooney's e xcellent blog and his LearnWPF site.
See our entry into the Microsoft Code Master Challenge 2006 (PowerPoint Viewer here)
See our principal architects CV-Resume
Begin our relationship here