We create .Net 3.0 Windows Vista XAML WPF Avalon systems and sell the Platinum Customer Xperience Manager

  We create a different sort of software, super-easy to use, intelligent, wizard based, fantastic looking - Windows Vista XAML .Net 3 (image Created in Expression Graphic Designer ) 
XpectWorld.net Order Manager - Screen Shots
To The Secure Payment System
Automatically Sign into your secure payment pages. Using simple Yes and No questions and answers makes our system 'simply easy to' use.
Enter The Customers Payment Details
Use customer details from the Platinum database or type them once and automatically type them in again.
Feed The Order Into The System
If the customer has not paid and taken away feed the order into the order processor, at each stage customers will get a status update of their purchase.
Send Any Special Instructions
If the customer has an order that needs delivering you can add any special instructions which is e-mailed to the office.
The Order Manager above is built using the very latest Windows Vista technology along with .Net 2.0
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