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We create a different sort of software, super-easy to use, intelligent, wizard based, fantastic looking - .Net Windows Vista XAML .Net 3 (image Created in Acrylic Expression)

Written by Craig Kelly-Soens

What is Windows Vista anyway ?

Windows Vista is the latest release of the Windows Operating system.
It will very quickly replace XP and 2003 as the preferred choice for all PC based computers
and could also be known as Windows 2006 (its pre-release name was "Longhorn")

Why is this so exciting ?

To the general public, the future of software is about to change, they will be able to talk to
systems rather than typing or using the mouse, systems will be built using a simpler more
colourful design, this is all because Vista allows software developers to put great looking
systems together faster with a lot less effort.
It covers a lot of new, cutting edge technologies, a break down of the
main buzzwords are available.

Where can I see a Windows Vista Demo ?

See the Windows Vista Technology Based Order Manager Demo.
Chris Cap - briefly demo's some new features (low quality - Media Player version)

The BBC in the UK are using Vista Technology see it here 
(NOTE: jump to 5 minutes if you dont want the chat and just want to see the demo).

XpectWorld.net - see our Customer Xperience Manager Screen Shots here

See how your financial data and online advertising will change with Vista
Technology and Interactivity (at 7 minutes in).

See a very impressive Full 1-hour downloadable presentation of the
Windows Vista Presentation Layer here

I'm hearing a lot of buzzwords and its confusing, any words of wisdom ? 

Why should I upgrade to Vista over XP ?

Simply put, the look of Windows Vista software makes previous incarnations look grey
and boring, it is our experience that customers love this.  It is more fun and stimulating to put
together and in turn is more fun and stimulating to use, which, in a nut shell, means it is easier
to sell.  This in turn means IT companies and software developers will want to use it.

Windows Vista has features that appeal to business users, recent features introduce group
policy management of USB devices to stop illegal copying of data and files, added security
for laptops, caching to boost performance and a new Internet Explorer version 7 to stop more
viruses and hackers "phishing" for personal details.

It supports the use of a new chip called a TPM which manufacturers are putting inside
PCs, which means that your hard disc will be encrypted as standard using a private key
and if stolen your personal data is protected.

Windows OneCare, which includes an integrated firewall, anti-spyware, and antivirus features, will be available to run on Vista as an add-on.
Windows Vista Step-by-Step Guides for IT Professionals

Includes setting up the speech recognition engine, allowing you to tell your computer what to do.
For the official Windows Vista site please visit http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista

For more .Net 3 technical and official information see :- Press pass of Windows Vista features
For information on learning WPF see Joseph Cooney's excellent blog and his LearnWPF site.
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