We create .Net 3.0 Windows Vista XAML WPF Avalon systems and sell the Platinum Customer Xperience Manager

We create a different sort of software, super-easy to use, intelligent, wizard based, fantastic looking - .Net Windows Vista XAML .Net 3 (image Created in Acrylic Expression)

You have placed a person and the client will never deal with you again


They said they could, but they cannot do the job, and bad impressions last.

Get a partner that will vet fulltime and contract staff properly for Windows Vista .Net related work instead of things going badly and you loosing the client for future work.

Our consultancy deals JUST with Windows Vista .Net related technology. 
Our aim is to build relationships with recruitment agencies to broker Windows Vista .Net work and to architect and guide companies in the new technology, from a single days informal consulting to a fully manager project with on-site staff training.  Please see our system screen shots below.
See the Windows Vista Technology Based Order Manager Demo.

Have you had any clients requesting Windows 2006 "Vista" .Net work yet ? 
We are a UK based consultancy, but have worldwide contacts, and perform worldwide contracts.

Our aim is to create the latest systems using Windows 2006 "Vista" and
related .Net technologies from microsoft.

Would you and/or any teams/associates, be interested in a partnership to our mutual benefit ?

We are ofcourse using all the latest buzzword technologies (XAML \ .Net 3 \ WPF) and building worldwide contacts as it will be in very high demand very soon. We talk to many, many UK recruitment agencies about building teams. In November 2005 we put the final phase of one of the worlds first live Vista-XAML projects into one of our clients sites using .Net framework 2.0 and the November pre-release of Vista's .Net 3.

Since then it has been used successfully and they are extremely happy with the simple yet impressive look and feel of their new system (XAML front-end).

We would be very interested in talking about a partnership to build teams to perform this work in future as it is something that will soon trigger and go nuclear within the coming months. 
This link will answer a lot of "why its revolutionary" questions. 

Please see our principal architects personal CV-Resume, so you know our .Net
background and our experiences so far.

For company consulting, company talks/education on the
possibilities and building teams for companies with people of the calibre we feel can do
the job "all via yourselves", please get in touch.

As .Net architects we would put the teams together in terms of interviewing technically, ensuring they can do the job, train them, as it is real cutting edge .Net stuff, and re-use our 4 year old .Net custom framework to get the project going, super fast, then over-see the architecture and troubleshoot problems.

Leaving the team to do the work with our architectural guidance and project management experience.

We are really confident that we can make this work on any software project
and create successful, on budget, and on time projects. 

Once they see the Demo's and microsoft do their innevitable marketing i'm sure there will be tongues out knocking at the door it really did get our interest and we have seen a lot over the years.

Many thanks for reading !

Craig Kelly-Soens the XpectWorld Team